Thank you for visiting Canberra Tax Advisor, your online educational resource for taxpayers, tax professionals and anyone with an interest in tax to better understand how complex Australian tax laws apply in practice.

Our tax consulting team writes articles on interesting and relevant tax topics, giving you an alternative source of tax information that is free (unlike a subscription legal service) and easy to use (unlike the ATO website).

We aim to explain how the tax law applies in practical terms using relevant examples.

To receive updates when new articles are posted, you can subscribe to our website. And if you want to seek some personalised advice from Mike or Naomi contact us or click on the link to visit the homepage of Nexia Duesburys.

The tax and superannuation laws are complicated but our aim is to:

  • Make those laws understandable.
  • Demonstrate how those laws apply to a range of circumstances.
  • Explain how the Australian Taxation Office applies those laws.

*Disclaimer: The content and advice contained in this site are general in nature and should not be used or treated as professional advice. Readers should make their own enquiries to determine how the tax law may apply to their own circumstances.

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