Whether you are an organisation that is taking advantage of overseas resources, or an individual working in Australia on a visa, our team provides extensive support surrounding expatriate workers. Our expertise in expatriate tax makes a local playing field global. 

We address the tax issues that are relevant for UK expatriates living in Australia; and for Australian expatriates living in the UK, which include the following:

  • Tax issues arising on immigration to Australia or the UK;
  • UK property disposals and lodgement of UK Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT) returns;
  • Online lodgement of UK and Australian income tax returns;
  • Australian taxation of UK pension schemes;
  • UK taxation of Australian superannuation funds;
  • UK and Australian taxation of foreign life policies and investment bonds;
  • UK and Australian estate planning issues including the interaction of UK inheritance tax (IHT) and Australian capital gains tax (CGT) on death;
  • UK and Australian cross-border tax issues involving trusts;
  • Application of the UK/Australian Double Tax Agreement;
  • Tax issues affecting family businesses expanding to the UK and/or Australia;
  • Structuring of businesses that operate cross-border between the UK and Australia;
  • Employees seconded across border between the UK and Australia; and
  • GST issues affecting UK businesses expanding to Australia.


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